Law & Governance

This briefing paper focuses on the relationship of law to governance, in fragile and conflictaffected states that are attempting to transition from violent protracted social conflict. The paper is intended to set out a broad conceptual framework of the relationship between law and governance as it relates to peacebuilding attempts to reconstruct governance post-conflict. The paper draws on and provides a guide to relevant research which provided the underpinning of the Political Settlements Research Programme, and is being developed under its auspices by a consortium of five organisations

This briefing paper sits alongside a second briefing paper on law and governance (O’Rourke, Briefing Paper 5, 2015 focusing on the case study of women’s social mobilisation which illustrates many of the relationships set out below.

The research group on International Law and Governance focuses on diverse aspects of international law by viewing international law and politics in a context-specific, timely and up-to-date manner. The purpose is to gather and further develop competence in international law at the University of Oslo, Faculty of Law to understand and address contemporary issues (and challenges) in and to the international legal framework and international governance.

The research group studies international law in a multi-level context, including the regional and national level, and the interaction between the different levels. It invites inter-disciplinary approaches. The group aims at providing academics and students with the interest and the intellectual tools needed to participate as responsible members of a world community premised on the notion of human dignity for all People. The research group focuses both on international law in its many facets, and the internationalization of national law.